The Farmed Today FOOD-LAB

Innovating Sustainable Food Products 


We set-up the Farmed Today Food-Lab in order to create new and innovative Food Products.


The Food-Lab is part of Farmed Today’s mission to create a Sustainable Food System.

Health & Nutrition

Our Products are focused on Sustainability while providing Health and Nutrition for everyone.

Our story

Creating the Farmed Today Food Lab

When we started with Farmed Today, our belief was that great sustainable products are already out there, but they are very hard to find. So we created the Farmed Today MARKET in order to support these sustainable brands and producers and give them a place to sell their products directly to local consumers.

Soon we realized though, that there is still much change needed with regards to creating new, innovative Food Products. Products that are not only healthy, but also affordable. Products that do not harm the environment, neither the planet, but provide joy and nutrition to local communities on a global scale. And the Food-Lab was born…

We started out by creating our first product to sell it on the Farmed Today MARKET. And our customers loved it.

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Our First Product: The Rescued Fruit & Vegetable Box

Our first product is The Rescued Fruit & Vegetable Box – A box with rescued Fruits and/ or Vegetables, delivered straight to your doorsteps in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

When creating this Product we set following key points to fulfil:


Reducing Global Food Waste by working with Rescued Products.


Providing a Low-Cost Product that is affordable for everyone.


Enabling convenient Home- Delivery straight to your doorsteps.


Feeding a Person/ Family for a full Week with Delicious Meals


Offering Different Box Variations based on Seasonality.


Reducing the usage of Plastic for Households and Consumers.
What our Customers say…

‘Awesome idea, awesome product.’

‘I cannot describe how flabbergasted I was when I saw the ‘small’ box being delivered to my doorsteps. So much yummy and healthy food. My friends and roomates immediately joined your fanbase as well ;)’
– A Happy Customer

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How does it work now

Our new range of products

After experiencing great success with the Rescued Fruit & Vegetable Box, we decided to add more resuced foods and local, sustainable products to our product selection.

We now offer a wide variety of food boxes and other prodcuts. Have a look at our prodcuts by clicking the link below.

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